Sunday, May 20, 2012

Traveling essentials

Leaving to go to Nana Sue's house for the weekend, 
Scarlett made sure to bring her posh traveling essentials: 
two tiny dogs and a big fab hat!

Once we got in the car she refused to take off her (slash my) hat.
She knows already that sometimes discomfort is a small price to pay for fabulous.

Perfect heels

Wednesday, May 9, 2012

Sibling rivalry

For the most part, Scarlett's dealt pretty impressively with the HUGE adjustment of Tripp's arrival.

For a quick second I thought I'd catch a cute pic of the new sibs laying sweetly next to each other, but Scarlett wasn't too happy about Tripp on HER blanket. And he wasn't too happy about getting scooted over to the side.

Oh well, we'll just try again another day!

Holding hands...

with my new favorite boyfriend.

I say this everyday, but seriously, Tripp is just pure sweetness. More in love with him every second.

Recent Scarlett

Recent Tripp

Tiny Tails to You

Austin's traveling petting zoo, Tiny Tails to You, was a big hit at the Earth Day Festival we went to. Scarlett got to hold a guinea pig, a bunny rabbit and a lizard!

Tiny Tails is frequently at Bookpeople during story time (tuesdays and wednesdays at 1030am), but they can also come to you for birthday parties and events. How cool is that?!