Monday, April 22, 2013

Recent Tripp

Tripp's been walking for a few weeks now, but last friday he was cracking himself up by falling down.

To borrow a chapter title from Tina Fey's Bossypants, "There's a drunk midget in my house." And if you haven't read bossypants yet, go treat yourself. Pretty sure I've blogged about it before. If you're a mom and spared for time, at least read the above referenced chapter. Parental comedic gold!

Thursday, April 18, 2013

Scarlett Says: Where do I come from?

Scarlett has begun asking about where things come from. Since this started a couple months ago, I've generally taken the "give her the real answer even if she can't comprehend it" response. It's been so funny to me that when I give her semi-lengthy answers, and think it will lead to asking "why? why?" one million times, instead she energetically says, "Oh, OK!" in a pseudo-understanding sweet little optimistic voice!

That is, of course, until yesterday at lunch...

S: where does rain come from?

M: well, the water from the oceans, lakes and rivers evaporates and forms clouds. the clouds move all over the sky collecting water, and eventually they become very full of water. When the clouds release their water it becomes the rain that falls down from the sky.

S: Oh, OK! where do airplanes come from?

M: well, the wright brothers invented the airplane and were the first to fly. now there are a lot of engineers who design all different kinds of airplanes. the airplanes are built in factories, and then they go to the airport where they take off to fly in the sky.

S: Oh, OK! where do i come from?

M: well, mamma and daddy made you. you are half from mamma and half from daddy. you started out very small, and then you grew and grew in mamma's tummy until you were ready to be born. then you were born on your birthday and became our little baby girl.

S: Noooo (with a giggle)...i came from the trees!!

I guess some things are a little more difficult to grasp than others! How have you answered the "where do i come from?" question?

Thursday, April 11, 2013

Reasons Tripp is Crying

Just so no one thinks I favor one child over the other, I thought I'd add a list about Tripp. He does cry too.

Reasons Tripp is Crying:
he is hungry

he is tired

i won't let him crawl inside the dishwasher

Those are the only reasons he cries. Seriously. He's the sweetest ever!

But he's also not 2 yet, so this list could change. Drastically. 

Tuesday, April 9, 2013

Reasons Scarlett is Crying

Omg, have you seen this yet?!

It's hysterical!! It's been all over huffpost, time magazine, the today show...thanks to Laura's husband, and my husband's TA, and my sister and everyone else who posted/forwarded this.

This is pure "it's funny because it's soooo true" genius. And clearly it's gone viral because every mom and dad in the universe can relate to it.

I couldn't help but add to this popular sensation...

Reasons Scarlett is Crying:
baby Tripp, while sleeping soundly and securely in his crib, is somehow threatening to take her doggies (not real doggies, her lovies)

she's painting, but the paint is making her paper wet

a drop of her yogurt spilled on the table

she wants to do the carseat buckle by herself

she can't do the carseat buckle by herself

she needs my help to do the carseat buckle (by herself!)

she has a booger on her finger

i wiped her booger off and now she wants it back

i gave her a pacie for nap. it's not the blue pacie

she wants me to lay down with her for nap

i'm too close, or possibly my elbow is touching her, or the blanket is on her pinkie toe, or i'm laying down the wrong direction when i lay down with her for nap

the wind is blowing her hair in her face

i won't reread cat in the hat for the 14th time this hour

she drops her toy and is fearful the baby might get it

the baby actually gets her toy

the sticker won't stick anymore

the sun is not out yet at 3:48 in the morning

she has an "ouchie" and needs a bandaid

her pants are touching her bandaid

she can't wear pants anymore because of her bandaid

she has to hold my hand while crossing the street

the yellow piece is missing

it's time to go to sleep

she's not tired!

Oh my, the list could go on and on and on....

Wow, actually, rereading this makes me questions my parenting skills, hmm...Here's to hoping it's not me and she's just a particularly persnickety toddler!

What are some reasons your kid is crying at this exact minute?!

Thursday, April 4, 2013

Easter Egg and Avocado Salad

I love egg salad. I'm an egg salad purist though. Eggs and mayo only! Nothing else. None of this celery or other nonsense. Ick!

Today, however, as I was about to make some for lunch with left over Easter eggs, I had a stroke of genius while I glanced at an overripe avocado in my fruit basket. 

Avocado instead of mayo? 

It worked sooooo well and turned out delicious, creamy and tasty. And I didn't even need to add salt or pepper. Even though avocados aren't necessarily "healthy" I'd venture it was a better alternative than may-o-naise. 

Super simple:
two hard boiled eggs. half an avocado. mash. done!

I ate mine on a toasted sandwich thin with sliced cucumbers. 
wow, now i'm really getting off the purist track!

Tripp was a little skeptical at first...

but ended up loving it

actually, he loved it so much I could barely enjoy mine; 
he kept demanding more bites!

Picky eater Scarlett did not so much as glance at the egg salad,
but she did ask for her picture to be taken

If you still have colored eggs in your fridge, I'd def recommend trying egg-avocado salad. Perhaps you're like David and despise egg salad. I know, it's a texture thing. Or maybe it's an excessive amount of mayo thing. If the latter is the case, try with an avo instead. Enjoy! 

And if not, no worries, more for me! 

What have you been making with your left over Easter eggs?

Wednesday, April 3, 2013

Scarlett Says: Things about Mamma

I often hear that mammas regret not writing down all the things their kids say. Toddlers say some pretty funny, truthful, absurd, random, hysterical stuff. Such observers!

I've been meaning to capture some classic Scarlett-isms on the blog, and my favorite ones, of course, are the brutally honest and embarrassing ones about myself, so I'll start with a couple.

Mamma: (folding laundry)
Scarlett: those mamma's panties?
M: yes, these are mamma's panties
S: ooooh, mamma's panties! mamma's panties!! Mamma's BBBIIIIIIIGGGG panties!!!!

Scarlett saw me pluck out some gray hairs on my head a couple days ago.
(yes, i do that. i know.)
Then, this morning out of nowhere at breakfast Scarlett says:
Mamma, you hair is brown. Sometimes it's white, but you throw the white ones in the garbage.

Despite that sweet face, no pretenses of my thinner, younger, fresher self around this toddler. Thank you, my lovely daughter, for telling it like it is from the beginning!

Your kiddo(s) say any embarrassing things about you recently? How are you keeping track of the funny, silly, memorable things your kid(s) say? Share in the comments!

I'll be sharing more Scarlett-isms on the blog as she spits 'em out for sure. Enjoy! 

Tuesday, April 2, 2013

Visiting Sisters: Austin Adventures

My 17 year old sisters, Shannon and Grace, came to visit Austin for their spring break. 
While the week mostly consisted of Scarlett and Tripp squeeze time, 
we did find some room for cool austin adventures...

Classic "i love you so much" photo at Jo's Coffee
(Shannon and Grace were here last year when Tripp was born,
 so we have a then vs now shot! Perhaps we'll make it a yearly tradition!)

Movie night at Violet Crown Cinema
Front row reclining leather chairs, delicious food, generally pretty awesome. 
The movie, Stoker, turned out to be reeeeeeallllly creeeeeepy!

Home activities included lots of snuggle time, playing in the back yard, 
taking photo shoots of Tripp, dying easter eggs and 
making (slash quickly eating) mint chocolate chip cookies

other things i don't have pictures of include:
shopping on south congress
eating lots of frozen yogurt 
(yogurt spot is better than berryaustin)
browsing bookpeople
road trip to Lockhart eating @Blacks BBQ

Scarlett and Tripp had a lot of fun with their Aunties! 
And I loooved having my sisters around!

Y'all come back now, y'hear?!