Wednesday, April 3, 2013

Scarlett Says: Things about Mamma

I often hear that mammas regret not writing down all the things their kids say. Toddlers say some pretty funny, truthful, absurd, random, hysterical stuff. Such observers!

I've been meaning to capture some classic Scarlett-isms on the blog, and my favorite ones, of course, are the brutally honest and embarrassing ones about myself, so I'll start with a couple.

Mamma: (folding laundry)
Scarlett: those mamma's panties?
M: yes, these are mamma's panties
S: ooooh, mamma's panties! mamma's panties!! Mamma's BBBIIIIIIIGGGG panties!!!!

Scarlett saw me pluck out some gray hairs on my head a couple days ago.
(yes, i do that. i know.)
Then, this morning out of nowhere at breakfast Scarlett says:
Mamma, you hair is brown. Sometimes it's white, but you throw the white ones in the garbage.

Despite that sweet face, no pretenses of my thinner, younger, fresher self around this toddler. Thank you, my lovely daughter, for telling it like it is from the beginning!

Your kiddo(s) say any embarrassing things about you recently? How are you keeping track of the funny, silly, memorable things your kid(s) say? Share in the comments!

I'll be sharing more Scarlett-isms on the blog as she spits 'em out for sure. Enjoy! 


S.H.M. said...

Hahaha! Number one cracks me up because Ryan's morning commentary often involves the following:
"I put on my jeabs. Mommy has jeabs too. My wears HUGE jeabs!"

Emmy said...

Lol! Love it! And yes you will be very glad you write this down as these little things are so easy to forget. I have way too many gray hairs to be pulling them out now, have to dye it about every 8 weeks.