Monday, May 16, 2011

leopard print toms

i spotted these today on a woman in starbucks...

oh my. i want!

after staring at her shoes with a little bit of drool hanging down my chin for upwards of ten minutes, i finally stopped being a creep and just asked her.

 um...excuse me? where did you get your leopard print toms? 

neimans. only at neimans.  

eh. of course. i'm pretty sure she looked me up and down with a little bit of disgust while replying too. this city can be so snotty sometimes. what? i don't look good after being up all night with a sick baby while i chug a latte waiting for her prescription to be ready across the street? my plain red toms bought from nordstroms aren't good enough? or are you making that face because my normally adorable baby now looks like someone has been repeatedly pinching her eyeballs. or worse yet, Scarlett actually looks like she just went through an emotional break-up and has been crying for two days straight. c'mon ladies, you know that look. poor baby, saddest eyes ever. can i buy large black sunglasses for my 11 month old? is she too young for intensive eye cream? 

time to get out of here! leopard print toms lady wasn't the only one giving me weird looks taking my baby out in public like that. 

quickly, we were back home safe and quarantined. 

i immediately, well, not immediately. first i gave some tlc and rx eye drops to the sick babe. but once she was down for a nap, i immediately went to with excitement as i searched for leopard print toms. obviously i was going to buy them! despite the fear that they would be overpriced, i rationalized to myself that i needed a new pair of toms anyways, and i had been looking for a new pair of leopard print flats since my old ones were worn out, so, boom! two birds! worth whatever they would...what? 

where are they? why can't i find them? plenty of other toms at neimans, but no leopard print. quickly do a large google search, and yes! there they are on but why is it just taking me back to neimans website? ok, that's ok, i think i've found them. yes! here they are...

where i read the sad sad words: 


well, i'm not giving up just yet. i will continue to search and hope that neimans will come out with another supply. if you have any leads, digame immediamente!! 

in the meantime, they have baby toms. so i guess i'll just have to buy some for baby S instead. 


Savvy in San Francisco said...

Okay..those are seriously cute! I have the silver glitter ones. But now I need to have those too. These might be a good alternative too:

I really want the pink glitter ones for my little one too, but they are not on the website either.

mvgumiran said...

i have the glitter silver toms too. and i am obsessed. those are awesome for scarlett!

Auntie K(erry) said...

BABY TOMS????? sparkly???? omg omg omg GET THEM NOW!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!