Friday, January 27, 2012

baby mullet be gone!

some kids Scarlett's age have full on french braid pony tails to their mid-backs. Scarlett, unfortch, has a baby mullet. gathering it in a tiny pony doesn't really work. it either looks like a rat tail or she pulls it out instantaneously. luckily though, her baby mullet is not as bad as or intentional like these. still, it needed to be fixed.

i tried to remedy this situation with scissors before by myself, but now the baby mullet has grown back with some extra spunk due to my lacking skills. the poor thing. since i failed last time, i decided i would take a trip to the experts.

 the baby mullet: before pics
preparing for the chop at the Hair's Lair

(the fact that she was dressed in a jean jacket today was purely coincidental, but also quite fitting)

i searched the yelp reviews and found that The Hair's Lair seemed the best. bonus that it was closest to our place. it's a tiny salon run by stylist/owner, Margo (love the name!) with lots of toys and a friendly atmosphere. she was quick and obviously experienced with many pictures from happy clients decorating the wall. she definitely called me out on my prev attempt at fixing the baby mullet and instructed me not to do that again! (which i did not take offense to, it was a necessary reprimand)

Margo cut Scarlett's hair so fast I could barely get a picture of her in action, but here you can see the baby mullet has magically disappeared! the cut was a little expensive at 25 dollars, cash or check only, but i'm happy with the experience and the results. we'll be going back!

this pic doesn't really do the new 'do proper service, but it is much improved and now Scarlett has a style plan with Margo! We will keep trimming the baby mullet until her hair grows in thicker, and eventually she'll have a cute lil bob! yay! updates to follow, of course. 

and for your information: 
The Hair's Lair
1206 W 38th (and Lamar)

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Baby Mama said...

so cute. Paul has the same problem- it looks like he doesn't have much hair but then he'll grow a rat tail. Not a good look.