Tuesday, January 24, 2012

early morning activity: rice in a bowl!

sure, it required some clean up, but nothing the dustbuster couldn't handle. 
AND she was entertained for a whole 20 minutes!
sensory exploration, the child development centers would say...

what would i say? it allowed me to:
 eat a bowl of cereal uninterrupted
 check my email
actually read some news
unload and reload dishwasher
start making dinner for a friend with a newborn
WHAT? at 830 in the morning?!
yes, it's all true!

how could this be possible? what do you need to access such luxury?
fear not, you only need three things that you already have:
uncooked rice

voila! educational activity for your child!
(read: a chance to unload the dishwasher without a toddler trying to crawl inside!)


Baby Mama said...

doing this tomorrow morning!

mamma mags said...

nice - hope your little man (and you) had fun :)