Friday, January 20, 2012

Scarlett's new room

Scarlett is loving her new room with new play table (from gram-momo) and new toys (from nana sue). And I'm loving the new toy shelves (from me) to create a little organization in the new room. 

P'kolina chalk board play table and two benches - easily reversible table top with chalk board on one side and white on the other. storage bin for easy place to store crayons, markers, paper, craft things, etc. Scarlett loves sitting on the benches! Thank you gram-momo!

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thank you nana sue for the wooden blocks and toy set, but i don't know what the brand is so i can't give it proper credit right now! Scarlett's been building lots of towers these days.

Tot Tutors toy organizer with storage bins - thank you maux for carrying it out of target for this pregomamma and thank you daddyD for putting it together so quickly. comes in either white wood or natural color and a few different storage bin color combination options. i'm loving it more than one big toy chest because you can keep the blocks together, the musical instruments together; everything has it's spot!

I'm loving Scarlett's new digs and set up. happy to have a wee bit more room for activities and playtime in our new home.

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