Friday, January 27, 2012

Scarlett's spring wardrobe

old navy has been my new shopping vice. i've been there twice in the past 10 days and then today i was totally reeled in with the "come back this date and we'll give you $30 off your purchase" coupon. i'm such a sucker, but look at Scarlett's new spring wardrobe. i love!

rationalizing that now we live in a warm weather climate so it's ok to buy spring/summer clothes in january. it was 72 degrees and sunny today! plus, the outfits are all very mix-and-matchy, so more bang for your buck. two for one deals on the shirts and discounts on the sweaters and shoes. worth it, right? help me out here mammas!

and here's a quick video of Scarlett doing the "trying shoes on shuffle" in the old navy store. she was very entertained and interested in the shoe section for quite some time. "shoo, shoo!" she points and squeals with delight.

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