Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Scarlett's favorite game: running in circles!

Scarlett has discovered that if all the doors are open, she can go from her bedroom into the living room then into the bathroom  and back into her bedroom, which is also connected to the bathroom. A perfect circle for a 17 month old to run around and around for HOURS!

c'mon, moms, any activity that lasts longer than 10 minutes seems like hours, right? well, this activity really has lasted hours before. it's her favorite!

but what could possibly be even more fun than walking around in circles? oh, i'll tell you. being chased around in circles. and then having mamma sneak around the other way and surprise you! her laughter was insane; she was squealing and giggling in delight having the best.time.ever!

a few times she fell because she was so excited

but i'm ok mamma! so much fun!

it was just a coincidence that Scarlett was wearing her "little miss giggles" shirt the day i decided to take pictures of our regular evening routine. (and please indulge a proud happy mamma who is posting too many pictures of the same exact thing. i told you this activity lasted hours!)

Wednesday, November 16, 2011


there's a baby in there! 

hello, elastic waistband pants! 
it's nice to see you again. oh, how i've missed you!
ah, so comfortable. 

now i'm on the hunt for the perfect maternity jeans...any suggestions? 

Monday, November 14, 2011

Honesty corner: nanny probs

just fired my nanny via email. eek! does that make me a terrible person? (probably)

honesty corner: I was too chicken to call her or talk to her in person.

(oh, and ps: this nanny was not my sister. that'd just be awkward. it was someone else)

Inevitable nap time while driving

Of course, blocks away from home, all I hear is silence. I start to say "Scarlett are you asleep?" as I turn around and see this:

Thursday, November 3, 2011

three product make-up routine for the busy mamma

since there is barely time to brush my teeth in the morning with Scarlett running around, putting on make-up has become a seriously low priority. but then i'd catch some glimpses of myself in the windows or bathroom mirrors and be horrified by my lackluster pale complexion mixed with red spots and tired eyes. blah! so now i've recently stepped it up a notch by putting on a little makeup in the morning.  i've dwindled down my make-up routine to using only three products for time efficiency. it is so fast and easy, plus makes me look (and feel) about a thousand times better (slash not like a zombie mom) that it's worth the 30 seconds it take to apply! and i seriously don't feel like i need to use anything else. it lasts all day too! when david comes home after i've had a full and exhausting day with Scarlett, he still says i look pretty, so that's good enough for me! try it, you'll like it!

3 product make-up routine:

image via

provides three steps in one: great tinted coverage, good moisturizer that isn't greasy, and SPF 15! how could you ask for more? available in regular and lite shades. if i'm really in a hurry this is all i'll put on. it covers redness, pimples and dark eye circles easily and evenly. it's expensive though. i normally wouldn't pay $30 for a moisturizer, but i tried my friend meghann's and it was truly amazing. i forked over the dough and have not been disappointed. in fact, i LOVE it!

image via

seriously triples your lashes in volume and length. make my eyes stand out, incredible difference with and without it. sometimes i like to put it on one eye first for a second and can't believe the difference. doesn't smudge, lasts all day. available in regular and waterproof. i've tried both and prefer the regular. and it's really inexpensive, available at your local drugstore. bonus!

image via

i used to be very skeptical of this product. it comes in a nail polish bottle but i put it on my face? i just didn't quite get it. but now i'm a convert and i'm obsessed. two little dabs on each cheek, rub in on cheek bones and upwards with finger tip like you would apply blush. it's the perfect color, it stays all day long, does not come off on your cell phone or clothes, and adds the perfect little bit of cherry apple brightness to your cheeks that sleep-deprived mammas need (desperately). you can put some on your lips too for a little color. just make sure you wash your hands immediately after because it will leave a stain on your finger tips. it comes in posietint (poppy color) and chachatint (mango color) as well. I've tried those shades too but prefer the original rose tint the best, seems the most natural i think, and smells like delicious roses. again, this is more expensive than i usually like to spend on makeup, but a teeny tiny bit goes a long way so it seems like this bottle will last me forever!

well, i hope you try these and find them as great and easy as i do! i just love that it's only three steps. if you have any other quick beauty tips for the busy mamma, leave a comment and let me know. I need all the help i can get!

fun with photobooth

peek-a-boo Scarlett

mamma hugs Scarlett

chunkster laughing scarlett

chipmunk cheeks hooray Scarlett

conjoined Scarlett twins

alien Scarlett

this was a fun way to waste 20 minutes! 
i was laughing so hard at her reactions to herself. 
which one is your favorite?

jimmy kimmel live you tube halloween candy challenge

this is hysterical!! 
parents telling their kids they ate all their halloween candy. 
kind of a sick joke, but i sure got a kick out of it.