Monday, November 14, 2011

Honesty corner: nanny probs

just fired my nanny via email. eek! does that make me a terrible person? (probably)

honesty corner: I was too chicken to call her or talk to her in person.

(oh, and ps: this nanny was not my sister. that'd just be awkward. it was someone else)


Baby Mama said...

What happened?????

mamma mags said...

long story, not really one incident, more of a repeated feeling of uneasiness. we found a great daycare though (which is so much less expensive and more fun for Scarlett anyway).

kerry said...

its ok it wasnt me, it was just my friend! maggie, you didnt even call her?

mamma mags said...

I did call her eventually, but I also knew that she had lost her phone a couple days prior. She did not seem upset at all and seemed relieved actually. I could tell she wasn't into it anymore.