Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Scarlett's favorite game: running in circles!

Scarlett has discovered that if all the doors are open, she can go from her bedroom into the living room then into the bathroom  and back into her bedroom, which is also connected to the bathroom. A perfect circle for a 17 month old to run around and around for HOURS!

c'mon, moms, any activity that lasts longer than 10 minutes seems like hours, right? well, this activity really has lasted hours before. it's her favorite!

but what could possibly be even more fun than walking around in circles? oh, i'll tell you. being chased around in circles. and then having mamma sneak around the other way and surprise you! her laughter was insane; she was squealing and giggling in delight having the best.time.ever!

a few times she fell because she was so excited

but i'm ok mamma! so much fun!

it was just a coincidence that Scarlett was wearing her "little miss giggles" shirt the day i decided to take pictures of our regular evening routine. (and please indulge a proud happy mamma who is posting too many pictures of the same exact thing. i told you this activity lasted hours!)

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Kerry said...

MINI MAGGIE !!!!!!!!!!!!!