Wednesday, November 16, 2011


there's a baby in there! 

hello, elastic waistband pants! 
it's nice to see you again. oh, how i've missed you!
ah, so comfortable. 

now i'm on the hunt for the perfect maternity jeans...any suggestions? 


S.H.M. said...

I can't wait for you to come here so I can rub that belly!!! Love you : )

CollBell said...

Not that I've worn them, but several friends have commented that the 7 maternity jeans are really comfortable and make your butt look good...assuming that's something you're going for :)

cymbidy said...

Yup, totally a baby in there!

If you want the jeans you passed on to me, I can send them back with NanaSue after Yanksgiving, or you can have them at Xmas. Though I'd also understand if you wanted to start fresh. Let me know!

(Hi baby! Hello baby cousin!) xo

Ms. E said...

So so so precious! Love that little belly!

mamma mags said...

thanks everyone! it's already twice as big and its been about 4 more days...crazy!

cymbidy - i'm gonna start fresh, but thanks!

i'll keep y'all updated when i find the perfect pair so you can go find some too (when needed :)

Annie said...

I agree - 7forallmankind maternity jeans were the best! Expensive, but entirely worth it. (And I am super cheap, so that really means something!) ;)