Monday, January 9, 2012

Scarlett's new baby doll, prep for baby#2

in preparation for the upcoming arrival of baby#2, nana sue smartly bought Scarlett her first baby doll. i'm verrrry nervous about how Scarlett will react to baby#2. she quickly gets anxious and jealous when david or i hold another newborn. as in she cries, screams, pushes the baby out of the way and situates herself on our laps instead. we're also trying to practice being "gentle" and "nice" to babies with Scarlett, because, well, we need a lot of practice in that department!

I know there is a sweet girl inside who can and will love the new babe, but i'm fearing the worst at the moment (ugh). here is a vid nana sue captured of Scarlett kissing her new baby doll though, so i'm hopeful for the best (fingers crossed).

for those of you with more than one child, advice to ease jealousy and teach being "nice" to the new addition are very very welcome. leave a comment below with suggestions please!!


Kristi_T said...

Try to make special time for just her. Involve her in things to do, like getting a diaper (putting them somewhere she can reach), with the baby. Someone gave me the advice to have a breastfeeding time box, special toys, etc. that she gets to play with only when u are nursing the baby. Some how they seem to know that it's their sibling and usually are gentler with them than with "strangers". Don't overreact if she isn't, because to her it's attention & will do it to get your attention. For me, it was worse later, when the first could push the second down when she was learning to walk and now, just "that's mine" & then a push, grab, pinch. So don't stress just yet! Good luck!
Kristi Thraves
Ps...we miss u in the picu! Hope u are liking Austin!

aunt k said...

That is the cutest kiss!!She is going to adore her lil sis or bro (just like you did when I was born remember?? :):)

Angela M said...

GOod luck Maggie! Vinnie and Rosie are 19 months advice is give it time! IT will be super hard in the beginning and now my kids are like twins, they do everything together!

nanasue said...

i just learned how to comment, which is great cause i have so many good ideas and advice and now everyone can benefit!