Monday, January 9, 2012

sunday morning family brunch: the omelettry

for our first family outing in austin, we walked to the omelettry for sunday morning brunch. 

we got lost on the way, of course, but that's all just part of discovering a new neighborhood, right? plus we worked up more of an appetite, which we definitely needed once we arrived.

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i'd driven by the omelettry the day before; it's at burnet and 49th. with the outside covered in painted murals i thought it looked worth trying out. of course you never know what to expect, but i was fully impressed on all levels!

the inside is a classic dive diner, but with hipsters in tight tshirts (instead of old ladies with sassy attitudes) running around seamlessly serving everyone. we sat down at the counter because there was a wait for a table, and immediately, without asking, one of the servers plopped down a highchair and some toys for Scarlett. bonus points. I was not expecting such a family friendly environment, but they know what they are doing: toys, sippy cups, baby friendly was great!

and the food...pretty deelish. standard diner food, but definitely texas sized portions! they use an ice cream scoop to put butter on your pancakes. i'm not kidding. david's omelette of spinach, mushrooms, green peppers, cheese, ham and avocado was amazing. It was huge, as expected, and came with breakfast potatoes and toast. I ordered classic scrambled eggs with bacon and side of whole wheat pancakes. we ordered nothing for Scarlett; she just ate off our plates. and thank goodness we didn't because there was sooo much food we actually brought home leftovers.

my only complaint was that the bacon was not fantastic. it was cooked well, but not as thick and flavorful as i would have liked. not worth the calories, or nwtc, as D and I decided while coining our new fave acronym. i'm pretty much a bacon connoisseur these days, as it's all that fetus baby wants me to eat, and i can't deny the little babe!

Poor Scarlett, however, was a deprived little child because her sugar conscious mamma had never given her pancakes before. even though i just said i eat bacon everyday, Scarlett's not allowed pancakes. (yes, i'm aware of my inconsistencies.) but i thought, ok, they are whole wheat pancakes and its our first brunch out so let her indulge. I'm sure no one is surprised to read that Scarlett DEVOURED the pancakes. literally shoveling them in her mouth.

all in all, this place was great, and we will definitely be back! excited to have discovered our new fave breakfast diner around the corner. we had a nice walk back where miss independent refused the stroller and preferred to walk casually like a cool kid, hands in pockets and all!

ps: while writing this post, i got nostalgic hungry, and just ate the left over pancakes as dessert. yummmm!

oh, also, ps: the omelettry is a cash only enterprise, but very reasonably priced, especially considering the portions. check it out and enjoy!

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