Wednesday, May 18, 2011

good news updates

numero uno: Scarlett is doing much much better. thank you all for your sweet and caring words, comments, text, thoughts. unfortch, the first eye drops prescribed actually made her eyes WORSE. potential allergic reaction? unclear, but after a second trip to the pediatrician we got the right eye-drops and she is dramatically better. as in can take her out in public again, not only because she is no longer contagious, but also because she no longer looks like a neglected red-headed step-child.

dos: savvy in san francisco recommended these alternatives to the unavailable and neiman's only leopard print toms. perhaps i will buy them immediately.

 y finalmente, numero tres: daddydave has worked his computer magic once again and recovered about 75% of the tens of thousands of photos i may or may not have been responsible for deleting. now i just need to go through the process of organizing them, because they are no longer auto-sorted by date. small price to pay to ensure i have pulitzer prize winning memories like this one forever and ever...

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