Thursday, May 19, 2011

Stroller baskets

This is why I love my stroller (baby jogger city select): I walked to trader joe's and bought one hundred dollars worth of groceries (that's hard to do at TJ's, everything's like a dollar ninety nine, it takes a little bit of effort) and was able to fit it all in my under stroller basket. That's three extra-large and overstuffed, and of course reusable, bags of groceries! I challenge another stroller to do that.

Also, please note Scarlett's latest trick of blowing kisses. Can you even handle the cuteness?!


Mrs.Jacks said...

i have the same stroller! and have done the same...this is how i do my grocery with 2 kids. good investment for the future babies.

Savvy in San Francisco said...

This is my new stroller! I love it so far. I love all the different configurations you can do for the two seats and has the possibility for all three kids to ride on it. I wouldn't be able to fit everything in there though. I try to go at least once a month and end up spending $150-$200 and my grocery cart is pouring over the side to feed two toddlers! Ha!