Tuesday, May 3, 2011

waiting patiently

I know you've all been waiting patiently asking yourself repeatedly every morning, "why hasn't mamma mags posted Europe pictures yet?"

well, there has been some technical difficulties uploading from camera to computer. As in there is no space on my computer for more pictures because there are like 100,000 of Scarlett already. Whoops.

While I'm cleaning up the hard drive, and still adjusting from jet lag plus working night shifts for the first time in two years, here are a few pics to hopefully satisfy your blog reading.

1. Ferry ride in Luzern, Switzerland. Huge gorgeous lake surrounded by huge gorgeous swiss alps.

2. Playing in Vondol Park in Amsterdam after tour of the Rijks museum (behind) which is full of dutch masters' paintings and delft pottery.

3. Enjoying one of the many outdoor cafes along the canals in Amsterdam. Drinking an Amstel beer on the River Amstel.


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