Tuesday, May 17, 2011


how did i manage to ruin ALL THREE of my apple products in less than one weeks time?

last tuesday: dropped iphone within two hours of removing the screen protector (because the corner was peeling off and i'm a picker and i couldn't help pulling the whole thing). now my screen is a shattered spider web. still works perfectly if you can avoid chards of glass. apparently they can fix just the glass screen, but it's almost as expensivo as a new phone, so right now i am just avoiding chards of glass.

on saturday: recovering from working all friday night, i had scarlett in bed with me at 3 in the afternoon when i woe up. she was playing with, you guessed it, my ipad. i heard some banging but thought nothing of it a) because she's done that with no harm before, and b) think about how functional you would be waking up at 3 in the morning. then later saturday night i go to use it and the bottom two thirds of the screen are all squiggly colored lines. haven't even researched yet if its fixable, but assume its a goner.

and finally, the worst of the bunch, sunday: remember how i said i couldn't upload more pics to my comp because there was no room. so i tried to delete some unneeded files from the hard drive. my macbook pro is actually david's old one, so when i came across a folder called "david," i thought nothing of moving it to the trash. i knew that he had copied all his work files to his new computer and had them backed up so deleting this folder would free up tons of space on the computer for me. after pressing "empty trash" and feeling so proud of myself for a minute or two as i watched the free space on the hard drive increase, i finally told david what i was doing. MAGGIE! STOP! the hard drive is named "david!" you are deleting everything on the computer!!!

F. M. L. 

next, i spent the better part of an hour yelling at my husband that it was obviously his fault this happened because he didn't help me in the first place when he knows how much i hate computers!! then, i'm pretty sure i started crying.

after that was through, david tried to recover as much of the deleted items as possible. by the end of sunday night, it appeared as if everything in iphoto (all i really care about) was restored. sigh of relief.

well, now i actually just tried to go into iphoto to pick some pics for the blog and all i get is a big fat pixelated exclamation mark when i try to open a photo. my life in pictures erased!!

surely you have everything backed up, right mammamags? 
the long answer is: no. 


F. M. L. 

currently, i am blogging about this nightmare as computer whiz daddydave is researching a solution. will keep you updated. 


cymbidy said...

This is making me start to hyperventilate just reading about it.

This is TOTALLY something I would do (including the blaming the husband and crying part). I'm going to go back up my dissertation right now. Starting now, I am also responsible for family photos. *Deep yoga breathing* *Eyes closed*

I pray to the Apple god that there is a solution for you (and thus also for me, no doubt, at some point in the future...). xo

mvgumiran said...

hey mags, i don't know if you fixed your phone or not, but last week i left my iphone on top of a car and drove away. some kind stranger was nice enough to track me down and return it, but i'm pretty it was run over in the mean time. the front of it was AWFUL. so i went into apple, and an hour later, i left with a free phone! just an idea to go in there and see what they can do for you. it's worth a shot! sorry this was so long, i could have emailed. good luck with eletronics..i feel the same as you do about them!