Thursday, March 31, 2011

early morning dancing queen

it's true. i let Scarlett play with electronics. yes, i put her in compostable diapers and feed her organic formula from bpa free bottles and deny her the joys of overly plastic-y toys, but i do let her play with electronics powered by lithium ion batteries.

and yes, i'm aware of my inconsistencies.

i try to hold on to my ideals, but, ya know, 430am is re-heeeeaally early! on days when she gets up at the butt crack, the ipad is the only thing that keeps her happy and in one place while i hope {in vain} that we will both fall back asleep.

anyway, the other morning, Scarlett turned on the itunes and started jamming out to kings of leon. all by herself! genius baby with good taste in music! it was so cute and she was so into it, i had to video. check out her dance moves!


S.H.M. said...

So so adorable! Should we be surprised that your's and David's baby likes to dance???

mamma mags said...

true true...i'm just impressed that her dancing is starting so soon!

i've got more videos that i'll post soon. she loves it!