Thursday, March 31, 2011

scarlett stats

Scarlett stats at 9 months:

16 pounds 2 ounces
27 inches long
crawls on hands and knees
pulls self up to stand
gets down from standing now!
claps when you say "clap"
waves hi
(mostly to strangers at whole foods)
dances to her favorite songs
(primarily, wheels on the bus)
sleeps through the night
eats some finger foods and teething crackers
understands object permanence
(no more fooling her with hiding what she wants)
loves mamma's iphone, keys and sunglasses
usually has her tongue sticking out
has two bottom teeth and one top tooth
(with another top tooth coming in)
finally fits into some 6 month old sizes!
is kind of a midge, but still super active
loves the swings and...
is the sweetest ever!

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