Sunday, March 13, 2011

snuggle butt

i haven't seen Scarlett since thursday night because i've been working the last three days. since i leave before she wakes up and get home after she is asleep, work again tomorrow means i won't see her until tuesday morning.

oh my, i'm dying inside. i miss her so.

normally i'm not scheduled to work four in a row but had to do it because we were in austin last week. i snuck into her room when i got home tonight and just stared at her for a long long time. every bit of self control was used not to pick her up for a little lovie squeeze and cuddle. i know from experience that leads to an unhappy baby. never wake a sleeping baby! seriously though, how adorbs is her snuggle sleeping, butt in the air and monkey pajams? i had to take a picture.

now off to sleep myself in prep for the 5am wake up call. maybe i'll buy a lottery ticket on my way to work.

you feeling similar this monday morning?


Baby Mama said...

I love her little butt in the air!

mckwag said...

HI Maggie!
Can't believe you were able to resist the urge to pick up your little darling--I admire your self-control. Oh, so hard, huh? Glad to hear your mom made it out for a visit, and you and David got a night out. If you ever feel the urge to head south, for some time together, bring your sweet little one by and deposit her with Cousin Mary--I'd love to do some "grandma" duty! Hope to see you and the gang soon. Keep up the blog--it's sweet and real.
Take care,