Thursday, April 18, 2013

Scarlett Says: Where do I come from?

Scarlett has begun asking about where things come from. Since this started a couple months ago, I've generally taken the "give her the real answer even if she can't comprehend it" response. It's been so funny to me that when I give her semi-lengthy answers, and think it will lead to asking "why? why?" one million times, instead she energetically says, "Oh, OK!" in a pseudo-understanding sweet little optimistic voice!

That is, of course, until yesterday at lunch...

S: where does rain come from?

M: well, the water from the oceans, lakes and rivers evaporates and forms clouds. the clouds move all over the sky collecting water, and eventually they become very full of water. When the clouds release their water it becomes the rain that falls down from the sky.

S: Oh, OK! where do airplanes come from?

M: well, the wright brothers invented the airplane and were the first to fly. now there are a lot of engineers who design all different kinds of airplanes. the airplanes are built in factories, and then they go to the airport where they take off to fly in the sky.

S: Oh, OK! where do i come from?

M: well, mamma and daddy made you. you are half from mamma and half from daddy. you started out very small, and then you grew and grew in mamma's tummy until you were ready to be born. then you were born on your birthday and became our little baby girl.

S: Noooo (with a giggle)...i came from the trees!!

I guess some things are a little more difficult to grasp than others! How have you answered the "where do i come from?" question?

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