Thursday, April 4, 2013

Easter Egg and Avocado Salad

I love egg salad. I'm an egg salad purist though. Eggs and mayo only! Nothing else. None of this celery or other nonsense. Ick!

Today, however, as I was about to make some for lunch with left over Easter eggs, I had a stroke of genius while I glanced at an overripe avocado in my fruit basket. 

Avocado instead of mayo? 

It worked sooooo well and turned out delicious, creamy and tasty. And I didn't even need to add salt or pepper. Even though avocados aren't necessarily "healthy" I'd venture it was a better alternative than may-o-naise. 

Super simple:
two hard boiled eggs. half an avocado. mash. done!

I ate mine on a toasted sandwich thin with sliced cucumbers. 
wow, now i'm really getting off the purist track!

Tripp was a little skeptical at first...

but ended up loving it

actually, he loved it so much I could barely enjoy mine; 
he kept demanding more bites!

Picky eater Scarlett did not so much as glance at the egg salad,
but she did ask for her picture to be taken

If you still have colored eggs in your fridge, I'd def recommend trying egg-avocado salad. Perhaps you're like David and despise egg salad. I know, it's a texture thing. Or maybe it's an excessive amount of mayo thing. If the latter is the case, try with an avo instead. Enjoy! 

And if not, no worries, more for me! 

What have you been making with your left over Easter eggs?

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Emmy said...

Oh what a great idea! I am a purest too with egg salad, so much better that way. I might have to try this!
Love the bagel thins.