Tuesday, April 2, 2013

Visiting Sisters: Austin Adventures

My 17 year old sisters, Shannon and Grace, came to visit Austin for their spring break. 
While the week mostly consisted of Scarlett and Tripp squeeze time, 
we did find some room for cool austin adventures...

Classic "i love you so much" photo at Jo's Coffee
(Shannon and Grace were here last year when Tripp was born,
 so we have a then vs now shot! Perhaps we'll make it a yearly tradition!)

Movie night at Violet Crown Cinema
Front row reclining leather chairs, delicious food, generally pretty awesome. 
The movie, Stoker, turned out to be reeeeeeallllly creeeeeepy!

Home activities included lots of snuggle time, playing in the back yard, 
taking photo shoots of Tripp, dying easter eggs and 
making (slash quickly eating) mint chocolate chip cookies

other things i don't have pictures of include:
shopping on south congress
eating lots of frozen yogurt 
(yogurt spot is better than berryaustin)
browsing bookpeople
road trip to Lockhart eating @Blacks BBQ

Scarlett and Tripp had a lot of fun with their Aunties! 
And I loooved having my sisters around!

Y'all come back now, y'hear?!


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