Tuesday, April 9, 2013

Reasons Scarlett is Crying

Omg, have you seen this yet?!

It's hysterical!! It's been all over huffpost, time magazine, the today show...thanks to Laura's husband, and my husband's TA, and my sister and everyone else who posted/forwarded this.

This is pure "it's funny because it's soooo true" genius. And clearly it's gone viral because every mom and dad in the universe can relate to it.

I couldn't help but add to this popular sensation...

Reasons Scarlett is Crying:
baby Tripp, while sleeping soundly and securely in his crib, is somehow threatening to take her doggies (not real doggies, her lovies)

she's painting, but the paint is making her paper wet

a drop of her yogurt spilled on the table

she wants to do the carseat buckle by herself

she can't do the carseat buckle by herself

she needs my help to do the carseat buckle (by herself!)

she has a booger on her finger

i wiped her booger off and now she wants it back

i gave her a pacie for nap. it's not the blue pacie

she wants me to lay down with her for nap

i'm too close, or possibly my elbow is touching her, or the blanket is on her pinkie toe, or i'm laying down the wrong direction when i lay down with her for nap

the wind is blowing her hair in her face

i won't reread cat in the hat for the 14th time this hour

she drops her toy and is fearful the baby might get it

the baby actually gets her toy

the sticker won't stick anymore

the sun is not out yet at 3:48 in the morning

she has an "ouchie" and needs a bandaid

her pants are touching her bandaid

she can't wear pants anymore because of her bandaid

she has to hold my hand while crossing the street

the yellow piece is missing

it's time to go to sleep

she's not tired!

Oh my, the list could go on and on and on....

Wow, actually, rereading this makes me questions my parenting skills, hmm...Here's to hoping it's not me and she's just a particularly persnickety toddler!

What are some reasons your kid is crying at this exact minute?!


LindsayW said...

This sounds like everyday around our house too. I'm sure your parenting skills are wonderful and I don't think she's probably a persnickity toddler, she's just a normal toddler. Unfortunately that's how they all behave at one time or another. Remember, this too shall pass. But write it down before it does because it's hilarious.

mamma mags said...

Thanks Lindsay!

Baby Mama said...

Hysterical! And sounds very familiar to the list of reasons why we are crying in this house.