Monday, April 11, 2011

sleeping meds

we leave on saturday for a european vacation with a nine month old. {are we slightly crazy?!} i'm really nervous about packing for 10 days and a 14 hour flight there and back.

first thing on the packing list: 
happy baby sleeping meds*

don't judge! i'm a nurse in the peds ICU, i give stuff waaaaay stonger than this all day long. and my pediatrician told me i could do it. she'll be fiiiiine!

{plus, in case you didn't know, children's benadryl brand, along with tylenol, was recalled, but the walgreens brand versions are still safe for use}

*also of note, i am in no way advocating drugging your baby for regular sleep. however, if you're flying over an ocean in a hollow tube for 14 hours with no escape and then dealing with a 9 hour time change, or something like that, and want some semblance of sanity for you and your baby, it's definitely warranted*

sweet dreams!

any moms out there have experience with long flights or words of wisdom you want to pass on?

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Ms. E said...

Beware- as a Peds nurse I'm sure you also know it hypes some kids up. So I'd do a test dose a week or two before you go. ;) My parents used to drug my sister and I before flights and I plan on doing the same with my kid!