Tuesday, December 11, 2012

Scarlett's first stage performance

It was a very surreal experience to be at my daughter's first Christmas program tonight. Is this real life? #WowImOld. But, also kind of cool. Christmas pageants = for real parental obligations!

I was pretty sure it was going to go badly considering the problems she's been having at school lately. When I picked her up this afternoon, the teacher said she refused to go on stage during rehearsal. Great.

We showed up with expectations low. Definitely knew she wasn't going to sing, that was a given. All I could do was hold my breath that she would get on stage with the others and not throw a serious screaming fit.

Well, prayers were answered. She did get on stage! Only after being carried there by her teacher, however.

And then...she proceeded to pick her nose for the whole performance.

Seriously. Finger up her nose the.entire.time.

Here's a special clip where she takes a little taste. #soproud

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Camilla said...

This is AMAZING! She is such a riot!