Saturday, February 9, 2013

Recent Tripp

He's so big and giggly and amazing. Too bad he never sits still for me to snap a pic, but here's what Mr. T has been up to recently...

10.5 months
20+ pounds with chunky thighs that are extremely ticklish
crawls fast, pushing off with right leg out giving extra umph
stands on his own, will take steps when you hold both hands
doesn't want to be spoon fed anymore, but still wants you to hold his bottle
requires to go head first down slide, no fear whatsoever
climbs up stairs, under tables, over anything
loves blocks, trucks, books, and music class
is becoming attached to his little monkey stuffed animal friend
starting to say ma-ma, da-da and la-la
claps his hands and does "sooooo big!"
gives the best smiles and eskimo kisses around

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auntie k said...

tripp looking at bulldozer is the cutest