Wednesday, June 12, 2013

Defiant preschooler

This article was emailed to me today as part of my babycenter email updates...

Do the people at babycenter have esp? Did someone spy me in the YMCA lobby today and think, hey this mamma needs some help, let me send her an article on dealing with defiant preschoolers.

Here was the scene leaving the Y after swim class with Scarlett:

I am holding hands with Scarlett and Tripp is walking in front of us. Tripp gains a big lead and starts running full speed out the automatic doors into the chaotically busy parking lot. I let go of Scarlett's hand to save Tripp from certain injury, and return to Scarlett offering a hand to walk out together while I carry Tripp. Apparently, Scarlett does not like what just occurred. She throws herself on the floor and demands to be carried.

"I cannot carry you because I have to carry Tripp to keep him safe. But I can hold your hand. Can you hold my hand? Let's hold hands and march out to the car together. Marching, marching!"

Marching usually is a catch all life saver to get S to follow me anywhere, but today she wasn't buying.

"I can't walk, I need you to carry me!" in a high pitched shrill while flailing body parts on the floor.

Scarlett also wasn't buying the "Ok, I'm leaving. Bye-bye. You'll get up and follow me eventaully" tactic either. Long story short, after a standoff in the lobby with many "I feel sorry for you" smiles from strangers while Scarlett screamed that she couldn't walk, and couldn't even stand (um, hello drama queen!!), I huffed out of there carrying a wrangling child on each hip.

Fun times at the the YMCA! Woot Woot!!

Later, in the peace of both children sleeping quietly, I took a few deep breaths, relaxed and read this article. My favorite idea is to treat timeouts as a cool down period rather than a punishment. And if the child is refusing to take a time-out, take one yourself. Not sure if it would have been possible in the Y lobby, but can definitely try that at home!

Whether pure coincidence or streaming security cameras linked to babycenter email division, this article was sent to the right mamma at the right time. Tomorrow, feel free to send the "how to feed a picky toddler" article before lunch time!

What tactics from the article do you like best?

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