Tuesday, June 7, 2011

summah dinnah - tuna burgers with wasabi coleslaw


even though it's not exactly summer weather in san francisco, it's always nice to pretend with changing menus. last sunday the hubs was feeling a summer inspired hamburgers-on-the-grill dinner. that sounded a little too heavy to me so as i wandered through whole foods trying to think of what to make, i came across tuna burgers with the box suggesting "try with wasabi mayonaise." yumms! the wheels started spinning. coleslaw would be nice and fresh with that, oh, and put wasabi in the coleslaw too. and avocados on top. hhmm... i see sweet potato fries out of the corner of my eye. yes! quick and easy dinner = complete! here's what i created below. all these things could definitely be made from scratch, but i went the easy route for this summer sunday meal. ...super simple and semi-healthy. at least healthier than a regular cheeseburger and fries i'm convincing myself. enjoy!

package frozen tuna burgers
package frozen sweet potato fries
package shredded broccoli and carrots
1/2 c mayonaise
4+ tsp wasabi powder
2 tbsp vinegar
whole wheat english muffins
salt & pepper

first make the coleslaw so it can sit for a bit while everything else is cooking. i used shredded broccoli slaw package because i like that better than cabbage, but use whatever you want or have. mix desired amount of wasabi powder with a touch of water to form paste. add to 1/2 c mayonaise, stir. (i started with 4 teaspoons powder and then increased by a teaspoon at a time until i reached the spice/flavor ratio that i wanted). add half the wasabi mayo to the slaw, and save the rest for the burgers. add 2 tbsp vinegar, salt and pepper as desired and mix. let stand at least 30 minutes. doneskis!

cook burgers and fries according to package directions. i baked both, ready in under 20. toast up some whole wheat english muffins and spread with saved wasabi mayo (i used english muffins because a burger bun seemed too thick and overpowering), stack the burgers, add slices of avocado, serve with fries and coleslaw, and voila! dinner is served. 

oh, and in an unexpected surprise, Scarlett loooved the tuna burgers! I started by offering her the sweet potato fries thinking she'd love those, but she kept reaching for the tuna instead. success!

what do you think? sound good? gonna give it a try? what quick summer dinners are successes for your fam?

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Maureen said...

this looks pretty good!