Tuesday, June 21, 2011

working mammas: check out my friend's blog

friends and readers:

you know i have written before about my experience as a working mom. i love my job but i looooooove Scarlett. i'm proud of my education and the work that i do, but i can't help feeling guilty about leaving baby S. am i missing out on too much of her life? will she unerachieve in school and ultimately in life because i can only take her to music class at the library 4x/month? why do i feel such rejection when she reaches for daddydave or the babysitter instead of me? {i thought rejection from your daughters didn't happen until age 13? sorry mom, btw}

on the other hand, i like contributing to something beyond me and i definitely like earning a nice salary. i feel proud that i am contributing to my family (read: being a sugar mamma). but childcare is EXPENSIVE! so sometimes the cost-benefit analysis doesn't seem balanced.

how do you figure it all out and feel ok with your decision?

well, i am {obviously} not the only mamma in the universe who feels conflicted. most working mammas experience some guilt about leaving their babes and jealous of the time SAHM have with them, but my stay at home mamma friends say that sometimes the grass looks greener on this side with a life outside of home. whatever side you are on, my new friend** has written a great post on the challenges of working that really hit home with me.

though staying at home is not an option for us right now, i'm constantly weighing my guilt over income necessity and professional fulfillment. perhaps this won't always be the case as my husband just finished grad school, but even if i did have the option to stay home full time...would i really want to?

does this resonate with you too?

**my new mom friend is a friend-of-a-friend who i have heard of for many years and then finally had the pleasure of meeting last weekend at another friend's baby shower. this should have happened sooner except for the fact that the continental united states stands between each of our residences. anyway, at the shower, besides laughing hysterically and bonding over mom things while enjoying midday mimosas, we learned we are both mom bloggers. check her's out! i think you'll really like it.

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