Friday, February 11, 2011

i have the best nanny in the whole world!

she also happens to be my sister.

besides the fact that she is obsessed with baby Scarlett and takes such fantastic care of her,  i get some extra special sissy perks too. without even asking!

i came home from work tonight to grilled chicken ceaser salad with homemade dressing and homemade garlic croutons. this recipe was up on my laptop, but i'm pretty sure she added secret improvisations as she usually does while cooking. seriously, the best ceasar salad i've ever had. amazing and deelish!

and then as she was walking out the door, carrying a sack of dirty diapers to take out for pickup in the morning, she stopped to say the following, "oh, if you separate the clothes tonight {referring to the clothes that are still in suitcases from our tahoe trip last weekend} i'll do the laundry tomorrow. leave any projects you want me to do for you. g'night!"

music to my ears.

what did i ever do to deserve this, sister k? 

oh yeah, that's right, i spent my entire childhood, adolescence and beyond raising, whoops, i mean babysitting you.



kait said...

i love you both so much! i hope i can visit soon. but you know, you could do an early harvard visit for S?!???

katie g said...

that's so cute that you guys did a "Where are they now?" photo shoot in your Regina senior picture outfits...


mamma mags said...


{kerry was the photo stylist}

sister kerry OP said...

katie lol. you'd think the sister kerry meant of the dominican order of nuns esp this hilar pic. thanks for all that cred m3star mom mag haha