Sunday, February 20, 2011

rainy day

rainy days can be a scary prospect with an infant. stuck inside all day? oh my!

but we made do though with the following things...

i wore my new black boa hunter boots during a walk in the rain. first time, loved 'em, yay!

we read the perfect have-fun-on-a-rainy-day book, the cat in the hat.
{you already know now that i love rhyming books}

and we ate something warm, hearty and filling for dinner...

i thought about making turkey chili, but my taste buds and stomach led me elsewhere in the store. i bought what looked and sounded good and then threw it all together in the le creuset. don't know what to call this, but find out how you can make it too below. very simple.

side note: poblano peppers are my new fave. i like the rich but not too spicy flavor and the texture is softer/better than bell peppers.

ok, so here is what you do: saute garlic and shallots in olive oil. add about half tablespoon of each: basil, thyme and italian seasonings, whatever you fancy, cook until fragrant. add crimini mushrooms, zucchini and poblano peppers. saute until browned/softened.

add sausage {that was previously browned in the same pan but set aside while veggies were sauteing}. i used bulk italian sausage from the whole foods butcher counter, half mild pork and half spicy chicken {so i could convince myself it was somewhat healthy by having less fat than all pork}. add one large can peeled tomatoes and one regular can of diced tomatoes. i poured the liquid out of the diced first and just added the tomatoes because i wanted it to be thick.

add salt to taste. bring to boil, turn heat down to simmer, cover and sim for 15-20, or until the pasta is ready or you are too hungry to wait any longer. serve with the pasta of your choosing. i picked medium length semi-curly, semi-macaroni looking ones.

uumm, would it be inappropriate to say this creation was delicious? 
hope not, because, seriously, so good. enjoy!

hope these things bring warmth and smiles into your next rainy day


7x7xMommy said...

Gosh...the rain has been SUCH a huge obstacle for us...I think the hardest part is how COLD it's been. And as much as I want to take Abby outside, I feel like she'll are we supposed to know if they're bundled up enough!?! Thoughts? :) PS - your daughter is ADORABLE!!!

mamma mags said...

it has been cold lately...the general rule for dressing a newbie is the number of layers you are wearing plus 1 more.

my friend who lives in snowy new york has a great patagonia fleece bunting suit that keeps her babe toasty.

we have the jj cole urban bundle me for the carseat and stroller that has fleece inside and waterproof outside. at first i was scared it was too thin, but it really keeps her warm - she comes out of there all sweaty.

SF's weather is always changing so make sure you have a hat and an extra blanket in your diaper bag! you can always dig your hands under your baby's layers and check her skin temp, if it cool, add another layer, but i'm sure she's nice and toasty!

7x7xMommy said...

That's super helpful...thank you!!! :)

Maureen said...

i think i might try to cook this...

Savvy in San Francisco said...

Love your new Hunter boots in Boa! Very cute! I have them in pink but not textured like that.