Saturday, February 19, 2011

llama llama loves her mamma

our new fave books:
llama llama is sad on the first day of school without mama

llama llama is mad at mama while at the shop-o-rama

they seriously are so cute. and fun to read. Scarlett is only interested in trying to eat the pages, but dave and i absolutely love them! they are lighthearted and sweet, and are written in the only suitable way to write a children's book; strict rhyming verse. {i much prefer reading the sing-songy-rhyme-y books to unmelodic prose, don't you?}

we've integrated the llama llama tune into our vernacular. on the days i work, i'm gone from 6am until 830pm {ugh} and Scarlett is asleep already when i get home {double ugh}, so i love getting iphone pic updates of the babe from daddydave during the day. these are a few of the llama llama messages i've gotten recently.

llama llama dreams of mamma

llama wanna play with mamma

happy happy llama llama

see you manana mamma llama


Baby Mama said...

so so so cute!

Susan said...

thanks to Glenda for the recommendation of the llama/llama books. fun post!

Maureen said...

this is seriously so cute. i want a little llama!

mamma mags said...

thanks for the books nana sue!