Wednesday, February 16, 2011

feeling the love

for some reason, this valentine's i've really been feeling the love more than i can ever remember. maybe it's because i am so in love {slash obsessed} with Scarlett that my heart is just bursting with amorous joy.

but i know there's more to it; it also has to do with the hubs! maybe it's because david and i are loving being parents and having a family together that we feel a closer-than-ever love. maybe it's because it was actually a luxury to go out on a date alone, whereas pre-baby valentine's was just like any other dinner out. maybe it's because of the ten day plan, but i'll only give you the deets about that if my mother and my mother-in-law promise not to read. either way, we had a great date out for valentine's. 

we made a rule on the way to din that we couldn't talk about the baby or work. we spent way too much money at a fancy french restaurant, but it was worth every penny. we ate delicious food - oysters, escargot, duck confit, pork tenderloin, shrimp risotto with lobster sauce and finished with french toast and carmel ice cream. we flirted and laughed and complimented each other on how good the other one looked - it was wonderful!

valentine's has historically been a mostly useless holiday. it's too high pressure to have a special night that it can end in disappointment. lameskis. yes, it is a hallmark made-up holiday, but this valentine's we actually took it as a moment/day/time to really stop and remind each other why we love the other. cheeseball, i'm aware, but it's true. kind of like how thankgiving and christmas holidays might be the only chance for many people to spend time with their families, valentine's can be a needed break to spend some qt with your partner/spouse/baby daddy. with a busy life of two working parents and a newborn, sometimes you need that holiday reminder. i'll take it!

i feel so lucky to be filled with so much love this valentine's. hopefully we were able to send and spread a little love to many others too. love, love, love...


Susan said...

oh, i don't read this!

Savvy in San Francisco said...

Chapeau is my one of favorite places! It is where my husband and I had our first date when it was on Clement and 15th. P.S. Love your dress!