Monday, February 14, 2011

easy peasy homemade valentines

i had a vision for this idea from fellow fantastic mamma, meghann, who sent homemade christmas cards using stamps. for valentines, i'd cut out heart shapes, stamp a foot or hand print on there, write happy valentines, and viola, easy peasy homemade valentines.  then i went to papersource to gather materials, and my idea got even easier. they sell pre-cut heart shaped cards! when i saw the "happy valentine's day" rubber stamps, i was sold. much easier and prettier than my handwriting. done and done. 

ink up child's hand or foot
stamp hand or foot print on pre-cut heart shaped cards
ink up rubber stamp
stamp on "happy valentine's day"
let dry
wait for gushing responses from delighted valentine's recipients

i brought the supplies up to tahoe and we had arts and crafts time with four babies {18 months, 14 months, 7 months & 5 months}. it got a little messy, but the ink pads cleaned up off the table and the babes without a prob. i used red, white and pink hearts with white and pink stamp pads. can i say again how easy this was? but that doesn't mean there wasn't tons and tons of love put into each one!

we hope you have a wonderful and loved filled valentine's! 
~smooches and lovies from mammamags and baby S~


Baby Mama said...

Paul just received Scarlett's valentine in the mail today. Precious!

Maureen said...

i got a pink little hand in the mail today too!

mamma mags said...

Yay! I'm glad they arrived right on valentines :) sending lots of love from Scarlett (and her mamma)!