Thursday, February 17, 2011

Scarlett's got skillz

i know it's cliche to say, but Scarlett really has gotten so much bigger and changed so fast this last month. she seems like a for-real kid now, not an itty bitty anymore. she sits up on her own, spots a toy across the room and army crawls towards it, pulls herself to standing (though doesn't know how to get down just yet), blows bubbles, interacts and plays with her toys instead of just trying to eat them, squeals with laughter from belly raspberries and peek-a-boo games and can do lots more super cool tricks. it is amazing watching her develop new skills and discover new things each and every day.

it is almost incomprehensible how fascinating babies are! who couldn't stare at a baby for hours? the things they learn sound so mundane, like clapping their hands, but it appears incredible and magical when a baby who has only been in this world for 7 months does it for the first may not be in complete awe from this video of Scarlett "clapping," but I was sure one excited mamma when she did it!  

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