Wednesday, February 2, 2011


snow my goodness


snowtorious b.i.g.


 everyone in chicago (where i grew up) is freaking out over the blizzaster of 2011!

this is the view out my dad's front door

my uncle john snow-blowing the whole neighborhood
{they are actually in grand rapids, but close enough}

action shot of my uncle ryan in mid thunder-snow outside his house

my mom in front of the fire department where she works. 
{i think she is trying to act out the windiness that we can't see from the picture}

well, we are enjoying sixties and sunny over here on the west coast. but just so we don't miss out too much on the snowpocalypse, we are headed to lake tahoe this weekend for skiing and wintertime fun!  

 send me some wild SNOW.M.G. pics and i'll add to the post.  
 stay safe chicagoans!


Maureen said...

what are these pictures of?

mamma mags said...

Whoops! The pictures got posted too early before I was done editing. Should be corrected now.

Camilla said...

You forgot Snowmaggedon!