Monday, January 31, 2011


It's 7pm. My baby is sleeping. My husband is out of town. The night is ahead of me. What to do? What to do? Thought to myself that I'd sit down and catch up on some blog posts. We've had some fun adventures lately and Scarlett has new tricks to show off. Unfortch, I come to find that my wireless is down. I think it's from the earthquake early Sunday morning. Since the hubs is gone there is no chance it will be working again until he gets back tomorrow. I have no interest in trying to fix it myself, it will only lead to unnecessary frustration. Well, I know I have a to do list a mile long....hhhhmmm, what should I do tonight?

Things I could do...
clean two bathtubs and two toilets
go through an enormous stack of mail and bills
wash a couple loads of laundry
sell one of my kidneys to fund Scarletts childcare
a thousand crunches and butt exercises

Things I'm actually going to do...
eat left over lasagna
pretend loading the dishwasher counts as cleaning my apartment
drink a glass of wine
read my book club book 'cutting for stone'
fall asleep happy

Hope your night is filled with some options as good and as unproductive as mine!

{thank goodness for iPhone Internet and mobile blog updates, right?}


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