Tuesday, January 25, 2011

black is the new black

my sister, as only a sister can say: um, i don't mean to be rude, but you kinda dress goth now

me: what?! I thought i was dressing classic and chic!

well, i don't have the black swan eye make-up {we all know its a fancy day when i put on mascara} but, it is true that my new colors are black and black. the new style has trifold functionality. one part covering 10 extra post baby pounds. one part ease of not having to decide what clothes will match. black matches with everything! and one part having a neuroses about not clashing with Scarlett. call me crazy, but i just don't like when she is wearing pastel floral and i am wearing navy blue stripes. what? i would never dress her in pastel floral and i don't even own navy blue stripes.

point being, i'm loving my new all black wardrobe and i don't think its overly dark. its easy, slimming, classy and i somehow look a little dressier while still basically wearing the comfort equivalent of yoga pants and a zip-up. i previously thought buying plain black was boring, but now my tune has changed to you can never have too many black sweaters! match with some leggings or dark denim and, boom, its an outfit! add some accessories and colorful flats to spice it up, or stay simple and understated. either way, for the post prego mamma, black is the new black.

black is the new black

i'm emulating my bestie by using a polyvore page to show you some of my fave staples.

though my sister has traditionally been the more stylish one of us two, i'm gonna disagree that it's goth. classic and chic, right? what do you think of the new look? any staples for the post prego mamma that are must haves for you?


Ms Belden said...

Love it, own it, do it.

SRD said...

Totally agree - black and black is my favorite color combination.