Saturday, January 1, 2011

new year = expensive year

we all know babies are expensive. but, like, how much are we really talking? you may or may not want to use this baby cost calculator to find out.

in her first year of life
Scarlett Maeve will cost approximately

the calculator has included everything from big expenses like six months of childcare and the hundo a month i'm supposedly putting in her college fund to small items like pacifiers and butt paste. it even has guestimates preset for you on common baby costs, and details monthly spending on diapers and food. unfortunately, it doens't include my daily trip to whole foods for who knows what i buy there everyday or my ritualistic latte from starbucks, but i guess its not calculating mamma's bad habits.

of course, we all know a baby's worth is immeasurable, but how much will your baby cost?


Baby Mama said...

Too much.

Ms. E said...

Ugggh. Don't do posts like this without warning the pregnant chick that reads your blog. I am going to stick my head back into the sand now.

mamma mags said...


good news is that i haven't noticed a huge change in the bank account! spending less on myself comes naturally because its more fun to buy cute baby clothes than buying "cover up my new expanded waistline" clothes.

hhmmm, rereading that seems like it might not help you take your head out of the sand. don't worry, its all worth it! i think the real scary numbers will be annual costs when the babes get older.

ok, i'm gonna stop, not helping at all.