Thursday, December 30, 2010

honesty corner

sometimes, even when i hear that Scarlett has woken up from her nap with little coos and noises, i don't go in her room until i hear she's fussing.

i worry this is unacceptable mother behavior because once, on teen mom, they showed amber, the one who hits her boyfriend gary, lying in bed with the back of her hand resting dramatically over her eyes while the baby was awake in the crib in the other room. it was portrayed as a very bad thing.

um, pretty sure i've done exactly that. minus the hitting the boyfriend part.

sometimes i want to stare momentarily into space or finish clipping my toenails or actually unload the dishwasher before i resume as full time entertainer for the baby S.

is this allowed? or does this make me a horrible mother rivaling an mtv reality star? {keeping my fingers crossed for the former}


Rvizzle222 said...

Absolutely allowed and absurd to think otherwise. Sometimes you have to get your game face on for the little one- get your aura and vibes right. This is important because babies can sense everything. I wrote a lot right there and it's because I've been drinking. Happy New Year to me... early.

Baby Mama said...

Maybe my husband needs to be on a mtv reality show? Anyway, I always do this. ALWAYS. When he starts talking, I say a little prayer to the sleep fairies that somehow he is going to fall back asleep for another 2 hours. So far, this has not happened.

Maureen said...

i don't think maggie needs to be on a reality show for being a bad mother, but i do think ryan and elaine need to be on a reality show for being a hilarious couple.