Tuesday, December 7, 2010

good night turned sad night

tonight i came home to a happily sleeping baby, the laundry washed, the dishes clean, a frozen pizza and an open bottle of wine. all without asking! made coming home from working a twelve an a half hour shift not so bad. aaahh, relaxation. thanks daddy dave!


d and i were enjoying a nice night together and i was feeling good about being back at work...until...the baby woke up. i let her cry for ten minutes like we normally do, but it was more brutal than before because i hadn't seen her all day. i went in to give her the pacie and i just couldn't help picking her up to calm her down and to get a little selfish snuggle for myself too. however, when i picked her up she started screaming even harder. what? mind racing. what was wrong? more teething? fever? something else? i tried to console her but all my usual tricks weren't working. i tried to nurse her but she refused and continued to cry. oh my. i was starting to panic and became really concerned because this was very unusual. i called for david, "help! what do you think is wrong?" david came in the room, i handed her to him and she immediately stopped crying. instant change. and then she even smiled at him.


dev-a-sta-ted. seriously. heart = broken. in a million pieces. she was crying like never before and i couldn't console her and then david came in and she was instantly smiling? i mean, i'm glad that she has special time with daddy, but how could she forget da mamma so soon?

i totally get now why working mammas spoil their children. it's not about the babes, it about us!


Maureen said...

this was sad!

Baby Mama said...

This story is too sad for me.

mamma mags said...

i know. so sad.

but, fear not. happy stories and adventures to come, proms. i've got the next three days completely off and will spend every minute with the little b.