Wednesday, December 8, 2010

sweet pea and the triple b

i went to the triple b today and purchased a cuisinart immersion blender {with the 20% off coupon, obvs}. i'd wanted one of these for a long time and finally bought one under the guise of its necessity in making homemade baby food. i immediately went home and {unnecessarily} used every single attachment piece to make organic sweet peas {and a mess} for sweet Scarlett. 

{recipe plus great info about introducing slash making baby food in this cookbook}

 {thanks for the great present aunt christine!}

as expected, the first veggie trial did not go so well.

Scarlett wailed in her outside voice, "dubs-t is this mamma?" don't think she made one swallow. the eating of the first vegetable trial was over pretty quickly. 

later on though i struck a genius cord and remembered the cookbook suggested mixing it with a little rice cereal. i added some pumped ta-ta mums to thin it out and create the illusion of familiarity. perfect solution. she ate it all up! yay for veggies!

and yay for mamma's new toy! totes love it. more recipes, stories and pictures about homemade baby food to come. i'm so excited!

What foods has your baby loved? How did you make it? Any fave recipes or suggestions?


Maureen said...

she looks so much like you in the bottom photo, its freaking me out.

is "ta-ta mums" breastmilk?

also....when you say "the mamma" or "da baby" it makes me think of that TGIF show from the 90s with the dinosaurs and their dino baby.."im da baby, gotta love me" etc etc. is this how you intending the voice to sound?

mamma mags said...

because of the eye-brows? and the facial expression? haha! so true :)

yes - i don't like the word "breastmilk"

aahhhhh!!!! NO that is absolutely NOT my intention. i hated hated hated that show and that baby dino was the WORST!!

i say "hi baby, itsa mamma" to scarlett all the time in a more italian gramma voice. or "da bebe" in a deep pseudo "da bears" fan sort of voice. maybe not really like that, but anything but the baby dino voice!!

speaking of, that was the worst of the tgif lineup. i could def watch a full house, step by step and boy meets world marathon any day.

but i also always preferred babysitting on a saturday night so i could secretly watch "sisters" and feel naughty knowing i was too young to watch that racy show!