Wednesday, December 1, 2010

thanksgiving feast 2

while Scarlett was enjoying her first meal of rice cereal, auntie k, margy and i made and enjoyed this:

happy to report that i am still eating leftovers of auntie k's sweet potatoes. yes, i know it's almost a week later, but they are still sooooo goooood.

along with cooking, i tried to be a little crafty this thanksgiving and was so excited for myself when i thought of making our chalkboard into a "thankfulness" board. in my imagination, it would have perfectly cute fall themed cutouts in an array of autumn colors and everyone would be so jealous at how adorable and martha-stewart-y it was. you know, the "ugh! i wish i was that creative and crafty" type jealousy. {don't try to tell me i'm the only one who's ever felt that!} well, no need to have that feeling here!

mamma's crafty thanksgiving project equals totally lame. at least aesthetically. it was fun to do, and, c'mon, you have to be oohing and ahhing at the tiny little Scarlett hand cutout. next up, christmas decorations! or maybe i'll just stick with that i know is a definite crowd pleaser for the upcoming holiday - mashed potatoes!

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