Saturday, September 17, 2011

Best. Mamma. Moment.

I put Scarlett to bed tonight following our usual night time routine: dinner, bath, pajamas, drink milk, brush teeth, read books, bed.

The one difference from tonight though was that as I was giving her final squeezy hugs and hundreds of kisses before laying her in the crib the following happened: She abruptly pushed away from me, pulled her pacifier out of her mouth, puckered her lips and smacked a big smooch right on my lips!

Then she wrapped her tiny arms around my neck in a perfect squeeze and laid her head on my shoulder. This lasted about 5 seconds as my heart melted into mushy goo on the floor. She then just as quickly pushed away again, huge smile on her face and popped her pacie back in her mouth.

This was all a first for her (and me too, obviously)

I walked out of the room, barely able to breathe and about died from the Best. Mamma. Moment. EVER!!!

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Maureen said...

cute! baby scarlett come give me squeezy hugs!