Sunday, October 9, 2011

honesty corner: joys of pregnancy

verbatim from two nights ago

me: david, i had a serious low point pregnancy moment this afternoon.
david: what happened?
me: i was throwing up and then i peed my pants mid-barf
david: ha! did you sh*t your pants too?
me: no.
david: well, you can go even lower then.

thanks for the sympathy and emotional support hubs! i guess he has a point, but here is a glimpse of what this pregnancy has been like so far.

and yes, this is how i am blognouncing my second pregnancy; with a peeing in my pants while vomiting vignette. oh, the joys of pregnancy and what it does to our bodies. while i did have morning all-day-every-day sickness with Scarlett, the incontinent bladder is new with this one. yay!

i'm 15 weeks so far, and though the horrible-feels-like-a-forever-hangover-feeling has subsided a tad bit, the nausea and vomitting remain with full force. whereas with Scarlett i literally could not eat a thing, the good news with this pregnancy is that I'm hungry all the time. the bad news, though, is that i'm hungry for heavy cravings of BLTs, sour cream and onion potato chips and mcdonalds chicken nuggets. when i try to eat actual foods of sustunance and nutrition, it's bathroom city.

my apologies for sparse blog updates and pictures, but i've pretty much been sleeping as much as possible the last three months, ya know, just growing a new human inside. but also seriously neglecting all other domestic and personal duties. whoops! sorry husband and Scarlett and friends and family! ugh! this first trimester has been so depressing. i'm ready to feel better!

i'm really counting on this "energy spurt in the second trimester" to come as i'm completely in need of a happy hormone surge and these vomitting/peeing episodes to be over.and.done.with!

to close on a positive pregnancy note, here's a pic of the new baby due to arrive late march/early april.


S.H.M. said...

Hi baby, I already love you!

Baby Mama said...

Yay!! Congratulations!

Sals said...

So exciting !!! Alice can't wait to meet both Scarlett and the new baby!!

Savvy in San Francisco said...

Congratulations! Very exciting! I hope that you feel better soon!

Ms. E said...

Auuugh so exciting! Congratulations!!!!

RealMommyChron said...

Congrats! That is so exciting!! Beautiful profile already! Also, I LOVE your conversation with your hubby - so hysterically accurate! (and your husband seems to be just as funny as you!)

ps. Sals - I love that you use a different 'secret profile name' on here than you do on my blog. You're too funny! ;)