Wednesday, September 19, 2012

New house! First bath!

Oh, hello again! Our time in Breckenridge has ended...We are back in Austin!

We've been home(-ish) since last Saturday, but had to spend a week at my mother in law's friend's because house was stillllll not ready.

Inspection not completed so couldn't turn gas on, which meant no hot water, and then the air conditioner broke and then a bajillion other little things, you know, like electrical problems, that prevented inspection from
happening, and we kept being told inspection will take place "tomorrow" for like five days in a row...


After a stressful week and a half of starting a new job and kids starting new daycare and intruding on someone's home with our loud (especially at 3am and 530am) brood, and really no sleep at all, we are finally in the house and *most* things are functional! Yay!

Not to mention new and beautiful!! Double yay!! We love it!!

Unpacking has been a slow process because house/boxes/furniture/everything is covered with an inch thick of dust and debris, and it is difficult to properly unpack when plumbers and carpenters and painters are still working on your house, but it's coming along...albeit slowly.

It has been nice to uncover some old pretty things that were packed away LAST October when we prepped our condo for listing on the market. Wow! And then we've basically been living semi-haphazardly out of boxes and suitcases since December 18th when we left San Francisco! Double wow!

Well! It's not only good to be HOME, it's awesome to be home! And in OUR home! And I told the hubs we are not moving for a looooooooong time! (exclamation points!!)

Gave kids their first bath tonight in the new tub. Tripp was laughing as always, but Scarlett was a little too busy to smile for the camera. Not the best pics but wanted to update that we are In.The.House!

So happy with how things have turned out. Can't wait to share more pictures of kitchen and bath soon!


Anonymous said...

Congratulations! Hope the house comes together quickly and perfectly :o)

RealMommyChron said...

Very happy for you! It must feel wonderful to be SETTLED IN! :)