Thursday, July 7, 2011

amazing! go buy this right now!

it's summer. 
it's sunny. 
it's hot.
 it's a battle to stay protected from the sun. 

i've recently discovered these two amazing things that are genius. 
genius, i tell you! 
go get them for your baby and yourself immediately. 

seriously, if you thought spray sunscreen was amazing, this is even better. doesn't require you to stand in a jumping jack position for 10 minutes while it dries. doesn't make you look shiny or feel sticky. despite it's name, doesn't leave you with a handful of leftover goop like regular lotion sunscreens normally do. 

all you do is wipe the little wipe on your and your baby's skin. so easy! and not sticky and not gross. i pretend it's a washcloth (which scarlett loves in the bath) so she helps me wipe it on. plus, i use it for myself and my face even. i fear i'm not explaining properly how amazing it is. i normally hate the process of putting sunscreen on and this i actually look forward to because i'm still so fascinated by how awesome and easy it is. just try it and you'll understand!

plus, major importance factor when choosing sunscreen is that it's free of harmful chemicals, parabens and fragrances, no animal testing and has full uva/uvb protection. yay! 

thank you to nana sue, who first found it and bought it for us. love it! 

it's a super light weight, spf 30 protection, made of organic cotton, AND it has ties! ties on a blanket! you just tie it right on your stroller and it covers the baby's ass-white pale vulnerable little legs. it's so light weight it doesn't make the baby hot, and did i mention it has ties?! it won't blow away! or get kicked off and lost while on a walk! you can also tie it to your bjorn or ergo or other carriers for sun protection. 

i'm partially so excited about this because last summer i struggled to keep the adan & anais muslin blankets as a sun cover on the stroller. they are fantastic for swadding and i used them all the time for that, but they kept flying up and off the stroller, or it took ten years to try and secure it down with makeshift knots. but the worst part, i thought i was protecting little scarlett's porcelain skin, but i learned the hard way that they are not sun protective, even when doubled up. enter this rosk sun cover deal on babysteals, and i'm seriously happy with my impulse buy slash best online purchase ever!

well, hope this helps if you haven't heard of these things already. 
i just wanted to share my new found faves!

enjoy the summer!
stay protected!


Monica Whitney said...

I'm so glad you agree that the world oh PhDs needs some color and bold fashion! I agree. I'm going to wear my leopard now, since you said it's okay!

ps- those sun screen wipes look fabulous

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Ms. E said...

Ordering these now. River is super fair like me and we think he has reddish hair so we're pretty sure he'll burn like his mama. Thanks for the referral. ;)