Wednesday, July 20, 2011

picnic at stanford

i had a meeting (and by meeting, i mean therapy session) down in palo alto the other day.
since david works at stanford, he watches the babe while i am in said meeting.

it was so positively gorgeous that we could not resist a picnic
on stanford's front entrance lawn before heading back to the city.
what could be a better way to lift a mood than a picnic with my love?

here are some quick pics and new tricks from the day!

Scarlett LOVES strawberries.
but she gets mad when you cut them up. seriously.
so i let her eat the whole ones when they are really soft and mushy
just with a careful and cautious-please-don't-choke-eye.
it's really quite impressive watching her eat it.

her lips while she's eating! oh my, i'm so obsessed!

next up: we had some practice standing time
she's literally doing repetitive squats! ouch!

trying to stand on her own for one of the first times

you got it! you got it!
why did i cut off half the picture?
hurry, zoom out.

aaand...she's down.
good try my girl! work those legs!

what a fun picnic. thanks love!

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Maureen said...

we are awake at the same time reading each others blogs and writing comments!

um...scarlett looks SO MUCH bigger to me. she's like a whole new baby from the other pics ive seen recently. she must have had a growth spurt!

she looks so much like you! cutie!